Some Interesting Facts About About Cute Baby Animals Like Puppies And Kittens

Published: 03rd February 2011
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Cute baby animals such as young puppies and kittens are usually cherished by individuals of all age groups from all around the globe. Although many species have earned a place in our homes, it's the baby animals that touch us the most with their innocence, tenderness and charm.

Nothing found in nature can evoke so much emotion the human being as a baby animal does.This is particularly apparent in young kids, who often seem to be possessed when in the presence of cute puppies. It is quite interesting to look at. They love everything about baby animals and can never seem to get enough. From their tender and soft bodies and gestures to their defenseless innocence, it is not hard to see why. Small kids, yuppies and even oldies just seems to have been cast upon by a spell of baby animal's charm as all of them just seem to love the same, the most.

Let's look at at two of the most popular baby animals found in the typical household; dogs and cats.

These two particular species of animals have been very effective in intergrating into our everyday lives. Some even have very important jobs that we depend on such as bomb-sniffing dogs or others can detect cancer. However, before they mature to become inseperable friends or work colleagues, our relationship usually starts in the baby stage.

Cute Puppies

Young dogs are called puppies and considered the most loves and pampered of all baby animals. They need their mother's care, so for the first few week, it is best they stay with her just as human babies. They are full of enthusiasm and are very special. There are not many people who do not like a cute puppy.A fascinating fact about puppies is at the time of their birth, they are deaf and blind but have a strong sense of smell, which they use to orient themselves and recognize their mother milk.

Cute Kittens
Small cats are known as kittens. They are enchanting animals with over 100 existing breeds and counting. A cat's vision is not that good when compared to humans but the saving grace about them is that they can see 4 times better than us while in night. They have a typical life span of 3-4 years when living outdoor, however, a household cat live as long as 20 long years. They can grow up to twice their size during the first year of their life. You can tell how big a cat will be by the size of its whiskers.

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